FUS-100 urine sediment analyzer is a external diagnostic instrument designed and manufactured by Dirui. FUS-100 auto urine sediment analyzer can connect with H-800 auto urine analyzer to make a urine analysis working station. This working station can do regular analysis for urine (urobilinogen bilirubin, leukocyte, glucose level and specific gravity and turbidity of urine sample) and qualitative and quantities counter for visual component of urine (like cell, urinary cylinder and crystal, etc) Except this, FUS-100 urine sediment analyzer can also use as a independent device and its test result can connect with the result for other urine analyzer

  • Test Principle: Flow cell digital imaging technology artificial intelligence identification technique
  • Test Items: red blood cells white blood cells epithelial cell casts crystals bacteria etc totally 12 visible components in urine
  • Throughput: 60 samples/hour
  • Sample volume: minimum 3ml non centrifugal urine
  • 1ml aspiration volume
  • Sample information processing: automatic identification of patient sample barcode number automatic input of barcode information
  • High-quality images collection adopt automatic focus technology and special design high depth of field microscope fully guarantee clarity of the images
  • Fully automatic walk away mode: after placing the samples the instrument automatically keeps conducting automatic samples detection automatic sample racks overload alarm
  • Can be perfectly connected to urine analyzer
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