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Hematology for Blood banks


Pre-donation determination of:

  • Hemoglobin: Check if the donor is suitable for donation.
  • Platelets: Information for optimal processing.
  • WBC: Check on possible donor infection.

Perfect tool for QC and QA on Platelet Concentrate:

  • Check number of platelets in concentrate bag for optimal pooling.
  • Well defined number of plate lets in each concentrate bag.
  • PLT linearity up to 5000 x 109 /L.

Saving vein for donation when using the MCI:

  • With Swelab Alfa it is possible to get a full CBC from a drop of blood.
  • From sample draw to result in a minute.
  •  A unique feature for analyzing capillary blood samples.
  • Unique blood bank application with special measurement of high platelet concentrations.
  • Results with histograms displayed within 50 seconds on a large TFT-LCD screen.
  • Motor driven cap piercing device as option.
  • Auto sampler model available.
  • Micro Capillary Inlet on all models except Basic
  • Barcode reader included for easy entry of patient ID.
  • Sample memory for >1000 samples.
  • Coincidence correction for all parameters.
  • HGB turbidity correction on high WBC counts.
  • Automatic orifice cleaning.
  • Easy to use graphical interface and color touch screen.
  • Maintenance-free shear valve.
  • Built-in dispenser function for pre-diluting samples.
  • Easy input of reference values for controls and calibrators by barcode
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